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  1. Applying discount in RepairDesk POS?

  2. Can I add new inventory items from POS?

  3. Can I Change Service Receipt Layout?

  4. Can I change/ edit Invoice number?

  5. Can I create a duplicate invoice?

  6. Can I get notifications when a Ticket is assigned to me?

  7. Can I pause/ hold a customer order and reopen it later?

  8. Can I search any particular customer from the list?

  9. Can I search any specific ticket?

  10. Can I send ticket updates to the customer?

  11. Can I update QTY, Item Price, Tax Class or offer line item Discount Using RepairDesk iPad POS Register App?

  12. Can I update/ edit an existing ticket's details?

  13. Can I upload device Pre or Post repair device condition image against a repair ticket?

  14. Canned Response

  15. Create Inventory Transfer Using CSV Import

  16. Create quick repair ticket using POS

  17. Customer Portal

  18. Dual Tax Rate Support For Canada & Peru

  19. Employee Clock In / Clock Out

  20. Employee Dashboard

  21. Employee Productivity Report

  22. Enter Access PIN before creating an invoice or adding a payment

  23. Enter PIN before an employee can create repair ticket

  24. Getting Started with RepairDesk (Web App)

  25. Getting Started with RepairDesk iPad POS Register

  26. How to Auto generate SKU/UPC code ?

  27. How Can An Employee Clock In/Out using RepairDesk iOS App?

  28. How can I add a device location?

  29. How can I add a new item to inventory?

  30. How can I add and manage Network Carriers?

  31. How can I add company registration number (ABN, ACN or VAT) on an invoice?

  32. How can I add customer information on new ticket?

  33. How can I add details of a new supplier in my system?

  34. How can I add Device Location?

  35. How Can I Add Items to POS Basket?

  36. How can I add or update customer information from POS?

  37. How can I add repair device details on new ticket?

  38. How can I Add Terms & Conditions on Receipts, Invoices and Signatures?

  39. How can I add unlocking device details on new ticket?

  40. How can I add/edit customer to an invoice?

  41. How can I assign tax to any inventory item?

  42. How can I change decimal separator in RepairDesk?

  43. How can I change name or email on Tickets?

  44. How can I change what is displayed on Purchase Orders?

  45. How can i create a new Purchase Order?

  46. How can I create a Special Parts Order for an out of stock part?

  47. How Can I Create an Estimate?

  48. How can I customize my invoice, ticket label, receipt, and estimate templates?

  49. How can I edit an existing purchase order?

  50. How Can I Edit and Update Ticket Using RepairDesk iPad POS Register App?

  51. How can I edit customer details?

  52. How can I edit or customize Invoice design?

  53. How can I enable Textlocal SMS API?

  54. How can I enable/disable POS?

  55. How can I export CSV file of existing inventory items?

  56. How Can I Export Repair Tickets To Excel Format?

  57. How Can I Export Repair Tickets To Excel Format?

  58. How can I generate and print Barcode for tangible inventory items?

  59. How Can I Import Multiple Inventory Items in RepairDesk ?

  60. How Can I Integrate MailChimp with RepairDesk?

  61. How Can I Integrate QuickBook Plus with RepairDesk?

  62. How can I link inventory parts with ticket repair item?

  63. How can I manage invoices in RepairDesk?

  64. How can I manage my purchase order statuses?

  65. How can I manage my suppliers?

  66. How can I manage order status ?

  67. How can I process refund/exchange in RepairDesk?

  68. How Can I Process Warranty Claim for Repair Parts?

  69. How Can I Process Warranty Claim for Repair Services?

  70. How can I save an android phone pattern lock?

  71. How Can I Sell Refurbished Or Pre-Owned Cell Phones in RepairDesk via Trade-In Module?

  72. How can I send follow up emails to customers?

  73. How can I send Invoice via email?

  74. How can I send Job alerts via SMS?

  75. How Can I Send Multiple Invoice Reminder to Customers?

  76. How can I set Cash Drawer/Till?

  77. How can I setup cash registers?

  78. How Can I Setup Customer Self Check-In Widget?

  79. How Can I Setup Employee Commission?

  80. How can I setup Repair Tracker Widget?

  81. How can I Setup SMS Broadcast API?

  82. How can I show inventory item on POS?

  83. How can I start and end shift?

  84. How can i track Auto generated Email from Manage Tickets and lead section?

  85. How can I turn on email notifications for the activities that go on in my account?

  86. How can I update account password?

  87. How can I update item from the list on POS?

  88. How can I update or delete an inventory item?

  89. How can I update store profile?

  90. How can I upload pictures for inventory items?

  91. How can I use DHRU Fusion API?

  92. How can I use Google Cloud Print?

  93. How can I use PrintNode?

  94. How Can I Use UnlockBase Integration?

  95. How can I view all the order details of any customer?

  96. How can I view all the previous orders from POS?

  97. How can I view all the tickets?

  98. How can I view complete ticket details?

  99. How can I view history of specific inventory item?

  100. How did you hear about us report ?

  101. How do I add a new customer?

  102. How do I add a new product on invoice?

  103. How do I add a payment?

  104. How do i adjust inventory through Inventory Adjustment?

  105. How do I change ticket numbers?

  106. How do I create an invoice from ticket screen?

  107. How Do I Create Purchase Order?

  108. How do I download an invoice in PDF Format?

  109. How do I enable 2 way SMS at Clickatell SMS Gateway?

  110. How do I enable Clickatell SMS Gateway?

  111. How do I manage customers?

  112. How do I manage repairs?

  113. How do I print an invoice?

  114. How do I process a refund?

  115. How do I set Employee Roles and Permissions in RepairDesk?

  116. How do I subscribe or upgrade my subscription? (Billing)

  117. How does RepairDesk calculate profit on a repair?

  118. How Does RMA Work?

  119. How does the Inventory Count functionality work?

  120. How does the inventory section works?

  121. How does the POS section work?

  122. How does ticket section works?

  123. How Switch Store in iPad App?

  124. How To Accept Payments via Stripe?

  125. How to add a currency?

  126. How to Add an Employee?

  127. How to Add Customer from RepairDesk iPad POS Register app?

  128. How to add device pre/post repair condition?

  129. How to Add Diagnostic Notes (iOS App)?

  130. How to add diagnostic notes to tickets and invoices?

  131. How to Add Internal Notes (iOS App)?

  132. How To Add Multiple SKU's?

  133. How to add new manufacturer or device

  134. How To Add Notes (iOS App)?

  135. How to Add Notes against Customers?

  136. How to Add Notes in iPad App?

  137. How to Add Pre-Repair Device Condition (iOS App)?

  138. How to Add Pre-Repair or Post-Repair Conditions in RepairDesk iPad POS Register app?

  139. How to add Staff comments?

  140. How to change Tabs List View in iPad POS Register?

  141. How to charge tax on part cost or retail price only?

  142. How to configure Customer Facing Display?

  143. How to configure Google Calendar?

  144. How To Convert A Ticket Into An Invoice via iPad App?

  145. How to Convert a Ticket to an Invoice (iOS App)?

  146. How to Create A New Task Type?

  147. How to create a repair ticket in RepairDesk iOS App?

  148. How to create a repair ticket?

  149. How To Create A Ticket In iPad App?

  150. How to create an invoice, take payment and add payment methods?

  151. How to Create Customer Groups and enable Third Party Billing?

  152. How to create invoice for an existing repair ticket using POS

  153. How to create or add new store location?

  154. How to Create RMA for Tickets From the Tickets Screen?

  155. How to delete a repair ticket?

  156. How To Disable Auto Create Inventory Across Multi Store?

  157. How to display time in 12 or 24 hour format in RepairDesk?

  158. How to edit inventory label template?

  159. How To Enable Email Notifications for Items With Low Stock?

  160. How To Enable Email Notifications for Pending Tickets?

  161. How to Enable Repair Categories on POS?

  162. How To Enter & Track Expenses via Expense Management Module?

  163. How to Import Multiple Customers in RepairDesk?

  164. How to integrate Cayan with RepairDesk?

  165. How to Integrate Slack with RepairDesk?

  166. How to Integrate Xero with RepairDesk?

  167. How to make it compulsory to add pre/post repair device conditions?

  168. How To Make It Mandatory to enter IMEI/ Serial Number on POS & Tickets?

  169. How to make it mandatory to take customer information?

  170. How to Manage Leads?

  171. How to manage ticket status?

  172. How to print mini receipt, ticket label or full invoice

  173. How to process payments using iZettle in RepairDesk iPad POS Register?

  174. How to process payments via Square (iOS App)?

  175. How to Process Payments with Square in iPAD POS Register?

  176. How to re-assign repair ticket to a technician?

  177. How to Receive Partial Stock and create a Goods Received Note?

  178. How To Refund An Invoice Using iPad POS Register?

  179. How to Scan a Repair Ticket Label? (iOS App)

  180. How to search for any specific inventory item?

  181. How to Search Repairs in iPad App?

  182. How to Sell an Accessory?

  183. How to Send SMS or Email to Customer (iOS App)?

  184. How to set up Appointment Calendar widget?

  185. How To Set Up Global Tax?

  186. How To Set Up Woocommerce Integration in RepairDesk?

  187. How to Setup and Use Cash Drawer Functionality in RepairDesk iPad POS Register App?

  188. How to setup BuyBack Widget?

  189. How To Setup Cash Drawers If I Am Using Mac?

  190. How to setup DYMO Label Writer Printer?

  191. How to Setup Internal Wiki in RepairDesk?

  192. How to setup Inventory Valuation and Inventory Adjustment Methods on iPad?

  193. How to setup PayPal Here?

  194. How To Setup PayPal Payment Integration?

  195. How to Setup Payroll For Employees?

  196. How to setup printer to open cash drawer automatically?

  197. How to Setup Star TSP 100 (LAN) Printer for RepairDesk iPad POS Register?

  198. How To Setup Star TSP 143 Thermal Printer?

  199. How to start accepting credit card payments with stripe?

  200. How To Start and End Shift in iPad App?

  201. How to Sync Data in iPad App?

  202. How To Take Customer’s Signature in iPad App?

  203. How to Take Deposits in RepairDesk?

  204. How to take print using Google Cloud Print and Print Node through RepairDesk iPad POS Register app?

  205. How to transfer stock from one store location to another?

  206. How to transfer ticket from one store to another location?

  207. How To Update Individual Item Price Across Multiple Stores?

  208. How to update invoice settings?

  209. How to update multiple invoices at a time?

  210. How to update personal profile or change access pin?

  211. How to Upload Images for Pre Repair Device Condition (iOS App)?

  212. How You Can Make your Customer Compliance With GDPR ?

  213. Integrated Parts Purchasing Integration With Injured Gadgets

  214. Inventory Summary Report

  215. Is there a way to show tickets to all employees?

  216. Mobile Sentrix Electronic Parts Ordering Integration

  217. MobileHQ Electronic Parts Ordering Integration With RepairDesk

  218. Multi-Store Report

  219. My account has been set up, how can I add/delete Users?

  220. Part Consumption Report

  221. PimpMyGadget Electronic Parts Ordering Integration (Australia)

  222. Printing

  223. Public API

  224. Recommended Hardware

  225. ReVamp Wholesale Electronic Parts Ordering Integration with RepairDesk

  226. Sales by item type Report

  227. Serialized Inventory

  228. Single payment for multiple invoices

  229. Split Payment Between Multiple Tender Types

  230. Square Deep Integration and RepairDesk iPad POS Register?

  231. Switch User Profile (PIN Login)

  232. Ticket Settings

  233. Total Amount by Payment Type Report

  234. Total Revenue by Customer Report

  235. Total Revenue Sales Report

  236. What is Employee Activity Log?

  237. What is Inventory Valuation and How it works in RepairDesk?

  238. What is Manual In/Out?

  239. What is Store type And How it Woks?

  240. Where can I view and manage all of my purchase orders?

  241. Which languages does RepairDesk POS support?

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