Multi-Store Report

RepairDesk now gives you the option to view Multi-Store Report. With this functionality you can view summary of repairs, unlocking, accessories, trade in devices and casual items of each store. You can also all other reports by clicking on the store name and can also download the Multi-Store report in CSV format. This allows you to have a holistic overview of your business and realize which store locations are earning more revenue as compared to others. 

1. Go to Reports tab. This will take you to the Multi-Store Report.

2. Click on Search Filter to expand Search area and sort store reports by Store Name and Date filters. By selecting From Date and To Date you can view store summary for a specific period and by selecting Store Name you can select which stores you want to view in the Multi-Store Report.

3. Click on Export CSV to download Multi-Store Report in CSV format. 

4. Click on a Store Name to view its dashboard.
5. Only reports of that store would be visible in which you are logged in (default store)

For Example, If you are logged in Store A and select Store B from the filter, then you can see the dashboard of Store B but the reports available at the bottom would be of Store A as you are logged in into that store. 
However if you have selected the same Store Name as that of the store in which you are logged in then both dashboards and reports would of that particular store. 

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