How can I Setup SMS Broadcast API?

If you have a mobile number entered for SMS on the customer's record then you will be able to send an SMS text notification from a repair ticket to update the customer on the repair progress.

In order to notify customers about repair progress, you will need an account with SMS Broadcast to enable their API.

You can setup SMS broadcast API in the settings, by checking the box in front of it and by providing your username and password.

At the moment, the service is available for UK & Australian customers.

Q. What is sender ID?
A. A sender ID is an alpha-numeric number, ID or name which helps in identifying the sender of a SMS. 

Q. Can I use my business name as sender ID?
A. Certainly. In SMS Broadcast you can use any alpha-numeric number or name as your sender ID as long as it is up to 11 alpha-numeric characters or digits.

Q. In which countries SMS Broadcast is available? A. Currently SMS Broadcast is available in Australia and UK only!  

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