How can I use PrintNode?

Print Node is a hosted printing service which allows you to print any document in less than 5 seconds for just $5 per store locationAs it is a managed cloud printing services, it frees you from the worry of maintaining software or servers. Along with that, all communication is SSL/ TSL encrypted, along with documents downloaded from your own servers, ensuring that the information never leaving your network and making your printing secure.  

Steps to connect your printer with "Print Node":

1. Download PrintNode desktop client from PritnNode website. To download the desktop client, please click on this link.

 Once PrintNode desktop application is installed on your computer head to Settings >> Integrations >> PrintNode to generate PrintNode credentials via RepairDesk API.

3. Enter auto generated login credentials on PrintNode desktop client & sync your printer with RepairDesk.

From next window you can view the list of all printers. Clicking on the blue button at the bottom will sync printers from PrintNode with RepairDesk. 

    4. If you want to edit the settings for a particular printer, click on Action and then click on Edit which will display Triggers for that specific printer. 

    From this window you can select whenever you check in repair or create an invoice RepairDesk should spill out one service receipt & ticket label automatically. 

    5. After your account is successfully configured, please head to POS and create a sample ticket or an invoice to test cloud print speed.

    PrintNode is a paid service and it will work only if your account was upgraded to Stripe. Also if you are setting up PrintNode we would recommend you to disable Google Cloud Print. If you need assistance in setting up PrintNode please email us at

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