How can I setup employee commission?

If commission sales drive your business, RepairDesk will drive your profits. There are two ways in which employee commission can be set up. 

You can either setup employee commission percentage against each product. To do that head to Inventory >> manage inventory & click on update under action menu against any product for which you want to setup commission percentage. Now click on "commission" check box that will allow you to enter commission value in percentage. Enter the value i.e. 10.00 and hit save. 

You can also set flat commission against repairs, unlocking, accessories, trade in or casuals items for your employees.

To do that head to settings >> employee >> employees Commission and click on update under action menu. 

Here you can setup/update commission percentage for a specific employee (if required).

If you want to review employee commission report, head to reports >> employee commission

Here you can see a breakdown of commissions for a particular employee.

You'll find some sorting options also, including which store if you have multiple locations, which employee(s) you want to look at, what's the status of the commission, whether paid, unpaid or partially paid, for which item and for what time period. 

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