How Can I Setup Employee Commission?

If commission sales drive your business, RepairDesk will drive your profits. We've designed a very simple yet effective functionality which allows you to manage employee commissions in a matter of clicks. 

How to set up commissions for employees?
It's very easy. Let us show you how! 

1. Head to Settings.
2. Under Employees in the left pane menu, select Employee Commissions. You will be able to see all of your employees with commissions for Repairs, Unlocking, Mobile, Accessories & Parts, Trade In and Casual items set against them. 

3. To set commissions for an employee, click on Action button and select Update

4. Enter commission percentage against different services and items for the employee. Click on Save Changes button to update commissions and implement them. 

Note: These are flat commissions against all types of repairs, unlocking, accessories, trade in or causal items for employees. 

Q. How to set commissions on individual repairs?
A. To set commissions on individual repairs,
1. Head to Inventory >> Manage Services >> Repairs
2. Select a Repair Service. 
3. Under Prices tab, enable the trigger "commission" and enter commission percentage
4. Click on Save button to update repair service and implement changes. 

Note: Commissions on individual repairs take precedence over flat commissions assigned to employees. Like repair services, you can set commissions for accessories, mobiles, casual items and trade-in devices. 

Q. How to assign commission to repair technician instead of an employee who created a ticket or completed a sales transaction?
A. If you want to assign commissions only to the repair technician who completed the repair job and not to any other employee, please follow these steps:
1. Go to Employee Commissions settings. 
2. Click on Activate button to assign commission to employees who complete a repair job. 

3. You'll receive a notification from RepairDesk asking you to confirm if you want to Activate or Deactivate this functionality. Click on OK to proceed with Activation. 

Now commissions will only be assigned to employees who complete a repair job. 

Note: Once this functionality is activated, commissions will only be assigned to technicians completing a work order. If you Deactivate this functionality, all commissions previously assigned to the repair technician who completed the repair job will be assigned to the employee who create the repair ticket or completed the sales transaction, which is the default behavior of RepairDesk. Therefore enable this functionality only in your work flow if you want technicians completing repair jobs to receive commissions. 

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