How can i create a new Purchase Order?

RepairDesk allows you to quickly create a Purchase Order (PO) and send it to your supplier. Gone are the days when you would have to waste too much time on creating and sending a Purchase Order.

Simply create a PO, add items, select supplier, add notes and shipping details and within clicks send it to your supplier along with monitoring its status. 

In 6 simple steps we will show you how to create a Purchase Order (PO). 

1. Go to Inventory >> Purchase Order
2. Click on the Add Purchase Order button.

3. Here you can create a purchase order for accessories and parts. Select supplier, shipping details, destination and status of the PO along with order date and delivery date.

Supplier - the vendor to whom you are sending the Purchase Order
Ship To - Destination for shipping ordered parts
Order Date - Date on which PO is created
Delivery Date - Due Date by which items should be delivered.
Shipping Via - Mode of transporting goods
Tracking Number - Shipment's tracking ID to track its status
PO Status - Status of the PO, whether pending, received, in progress or any other status. 
Notes - Add any note against the PO

Purchase order ID will be generated automatically by the system but it is editable during the phase in which purchase order is being created.

4. Select items from inventory by name or SKU, select quantity and click on Add Row to include the item in the PO. to remove an item click in the Remove icon. 

5. Click on Add Product button to add another item to the PO. 

6. Finally, click on Save to create the Purchase Order. 

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