ReVamp Wholesale Electronic Parts Ordering Integration with RepairDesk

ReVamp Wholesale is a leading wireless repair parts and accessories distributor with a great community dedicated to supplying customers with the top quality repair parts in the world!

How to integrate for e-order processing?

In order to Integrate ReVamp Wholesale with RepairDesk POS, you will first need to create an account on ReVamp Wholesale website so you can generate an API token.

Now head to RepairDesk settings >> integration >> ReVamp Wholesale and add your email address, API token KEY and hit connect in order for the integration to take place.

Your RepairDesk POS is now connected with ReVamp Wholesale website for electronic parts ordering.

Inventory Setup

  • You will be required to map inventory items with ReVamp wholesale by entering the Vendor’s SKU against the items for the electronic order processing.
  • Adding SKUs to your products means when you email a purchase order to ReVamp Wholesale, their internal numbering will show up for the products so you that always get a hold of the exact right item.
  • You can get the SKU for a product by checking the ReVamp Wholesale website; SKUs are given under the items.

Electronic Order Processing

  1. Generate a purchase order with ReVamp Wholesale as your vendor. 
  2. Add an item(s) you want to order and click save. 
  3. Check out with ReVamp wholesale by clicking the blue button that appears on the top right of the PO. A pop-up message will appear notifying you that the products have been added to your shopping cart. Clicking the blue button will take you to your shopping cart with your order details. 
  4. Click proceed to checkout, select the shipping and the payment method and hit place order. 
  5. Once your order status is updated on ReVamp Wholesale website, it will automatically be updated on your end as well.  
To see a visual walkthrough of how to set up ReVamp Integration, watch this video.

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