How can I use Google Cloud Print?

We're always working to make RepairDesk more flexible, so we have included Google Cloud Print option which allows you too automate printing tasks & along with giving you the option to print jobs via local printers from anywhere from your iPhone or iPad. You can follow the given instructions to use "Google Cloud Print"

1. Open Google Chrome browser and head to Settings.
2. Click on Show Advanced Settings and you will find Google Cloud Print settings there. Alternatively, just enter Cloud Print in settings search bar. 
3. Click on Manage

4. The Devices screen will open. Click on Add Printers to sync with Google Cloud Print. 

5. Select Printers which you want to sync with Google Cloud Print from the list.

6. Now login to RepairDesk and go to Settings >> Integrations >> Google Cloud Print. Authorize access to your connected printers. 

7. Allow access in the authorization screen. 

8. Click on Sync your Printers on the Google Cloud Print Integration page. 

9. Select the printers you want to sync with Google Cloud Print. Click on the Action button to Edit or Delete a printer. 

10. Click on Action button and select Edit option to enable or disable triggers. You can also select which kind of receipts or invoices you want the printer to automatically print or not. Once you have made changes, click on Save.  

You can also view
list of print jobs from Google by following this link:

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