How to Setup EPSON Printer for RepairDesk iPad POS Register?

To improve the printing experience for users, we have successfully integrated RepairDesk iPad POS Register app with EPSON printer which is the most demanding printer worldwide.

To know how to use the printer with our iPad app, please follow the steps below.

Device Checklist

 In order to set up your receipt printer with RepairDesk iPad POS Register app, you'll first need to make sure you have all the peripherals needed.

Cables: A power cable is required to connect the printer and Ethernet cable is required to plug the printer into internet router.

Receipt Rolls: To make printing experience successful, you need to load the receipt roll into the latch by opening top right lid of the printer.

Cash Drawer: Setting up cash drawer is optional. If you wish to setup your cash drawer you need to connect it to printer through a cable.

Supported Models

To learn more about what models are supported please visit this link 

A. Connecting the Printer to RepairDesk iPad POS Register App

Before proceeding with taking prints through EPSON Printer, you need to make sure that printer is connected to your iPad app through same internet connection.

To check the IP Address through which printer is connected to app, press and hold the 'push' button on the back of printer for about 4 seconds. The printer will print out the network settings, and you should see the IP address listed up the top as shown in the image below:

Note: If the printer is not connected, then it will display "NONE" against IP Address. In this case, check Ethernet cable connection again with printer and router. Press and hold "push" button to establish connection again.

Follow the steps below to take print through EPSON Printer once the connection is established.
1. Open RepairDesk iPad POS Register app and head to Settings from left side menu.

2. From settings, select printers and click on EPSON printer to setup the printer.

3. Once you tap on printer settings, following screen will be displayed from where you have to click on refresh button appearing on top right corner of the screen to get the list of available printers.

Note: To perform this step successfully you must make sure that you have a stable internet connection.

4. You will get the list of available printers. Tap on your required printer and it will show you a button at the bottom of pop-up indicating that printer has been connected.

Use Test Print button to have a test print.

B. Printing Receipts through EPSON Printer

1.    Create ticket from RepairDesk iPad POS Register following the procedure explained here.

2.    Order confirmation screen will be displayed once you create a ticket. You have to select print thermal receipt from this screen and you will get the print preview of the receipt as shown below. Click on Print Invoice button to print receipt.

Print in Progress screen will be displayed.

C. Setting up Automatic Printing through EPSON Printer

1. In case if you want to automatically get the print on creating a ticket, you can configure functionality from printer settings by turning on the automatic printing feature.

2. In case this trigger is turned on, when you make a ticket from POS screen, you will not have to tap on Print Thermal Receipt option and it will automatically start printing and following message will be displayed at top of screen.


Q.    Can I print already existing invoices, tickets and estimates using EPSON Printer?

A. Yes definitely you can print existing tickets, invoices and estimates using this printer. All you need to do is configure and connect printer through LAN connection as shown above.

 To Print Invoices

  1. Head to View Invoices screen from POS.

2. Slide left on the invoice you want to print and you will get the option to print. Hit the print option and you will get the invoice printed.

To print Estimates

 1. Similarly to print estimates, click on View estimates option appearing at bottom of POS screen

2. Slide left on the estimate you want to print and you will get the option to print. Hit the print option and you will get the estimate printed.

To Print Tickets

1. To print tickets, click on View Tickets option appearing at bottom of POS screen.

Q. Can I use this printer to print other receipts?

A. No, this printer can only be used to print thermal receipts.

Q. Can I follow this process for other printers as well?

A. Yes, this process can only be followed for Star TSP printers. To know how to setup Star TSP printer, please follow the link here.

Q. Does this printer works with Cash Drawer?

A. Yes absolutely, EPSON Printer works perfectly with Cash Drawer functionality in RepairDesk iPad POS Register app.

Q. Is there any other printer that we can use to print receipts from RepairDesk iPad POS register app?

A. Yes you can use Google Cloud Print and Print Node for printing purposed through RepairDesk iPad POS Register app.

For more details please follow the link here.

Also you can use STAR TSP 100 printer for printing through RepairDesk iPad POS Register app. To know how this printer works, please follow the link here.

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