How to manage Leads?

Leads are important for business. Being potential customers it is important that a business keeps track of its leads. With RepairDesk you can easily manage your leads. Let us show you how.


1. Go to Inventory >> Manage Leads.
2. You can view status of leads and the referral channels they came through from graphs on dashboards. You can also view the total value associated with these leads and how many were successfully converted into customers. 
3. Click on the Search Filter to view Search Criteria. 
4. Click on CSV drop-down button to download list of leads in CSV format
5. Click on Add New Lead button to add a new lead. 

6. You can search leads on the basis of keyword, customer name, manufacturer, device, referral source and many other options. Click on the Search button to sort leads according to the selected parameters. 

7. you can edit or delete an existing lead by clicking on the Action button against each lead. Select Edit to update a lead and Delete to remove it from the list. 

8. When you will click on Add New Lead button on the Manage Leads page, you will be redirected to the Create New Lead page. Here you can enter vital information about the Lead such as customer group, customer name, email, mobile, driving licence, device, manufacturer and many other.

9. Click on the Add Address link to expand the Customer Information area and add address and contact details of the Lead.

10. Finally, click on the Save button to save a lead.  

11. Select an existing lead to view its information, take notes, add an activity against a lead and send an email. You can also convert a lead into a customer by converting it into a ticket

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