Serialized Inventory

Serialization helps you to have clearly trace your inventory items; from receiving items from your supplier till their sale to end customers.  Creating serials also help you to differentiate same products from different suppliers.

This feature will also allow mobile store owners to sell prepaid handsets using RepairDesk. 
You also have the option of showing serial numbers on a customer invoice. This can be handy in case of a warranty claim.  

Here's how you can add serial numbers to your inventory.

1. Go to Inventory > Manage Inventory > Mobile, Accessories & Parts
2. Open an item by clicking on its item ID or through Action >> Update
3. Go to Stock Inventory tab
4. Select 'Yes' against Manage Serialized Inventory for this item?  and hit Save. You can also create serials while adding a new item to the inventory. 

5. Once an item has been saved, and marked for serialization, you will see a notification informing you that items are available for serialization. 

6. Now hit Create Serials.
7. On
 Create Serials screen you can select the cost price, supplier, add additional information such as color, size, network and condition. Important information such as Retail Price and Warranty will also be stored. Once an item is brought on POS, this information will also be displayed.. 

8. Scroll down to see the option to either auto create serials or enter manual serials.

9. In case of auto serials, you will just need to define the range and select a format or enter a customized format of the serials in Others, in this example, start is 1 and end is 20 i.e 20 iPhone 7s handsets are from ReVamp Wholesale and the selected format is Item Id - Supplier Code - Serial Id

10. Hit Generate Serials and Voila! 20 serials have been generated for 20 handsets, which will look like this:

11. Serials can be generated for the remaining handsets in a similar way.

12. In case of manual serials, you can manually enter serial numbers. one per line, of any format you choose to.

When you go back to Stock Inventory page, under Item Serialsyou will see all the serials generated against the inventory stock along with product and vendor details. When a serialized item is sold, it automatically updates its status. 

Under Admin History, you can see all the system updates for this inventory item.


What is the benefit of serialization?
A. Serial Number will tell you about:
  • When you purchased it?
  • Who you got it from?
  • Purchase order number it came in on
  • Who you sold it to?
  • Invoice number
  • Date of sale
  • How much you paid for it?
  • How much you sold it for?
Q. How to print bar codes for serialized items? 
A. If you wish to print bar codes for inventory items, simply select the serial numbers for which you wish to print bar codes, click on Settings and select Print Bar Codes
 from the drop down menu.

Q. How to select serial number while selling an item? 
On POS, in case no serial is selected for a serialized inventory item, your sales staff will be able to assign serial numbers when selling, or add serial numbers on the fly.   

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