Applying discount in RepairDesk POS?

Discounts is a lucrative tool to gain more business in the future and to delight your customers. Keeping this in mind, RepairDesk allows you to offer overall as well as in line discount to your customers. You can either give discount in the form of a particular amount or percentage. 

A. In Line Discount
When you have added an item to the basket after confirming order details, click on Discount.

Once you have clicked on Discount, a pop up screen will open. Here you can enter discount, either in amount or percentage

Once you have entered discount value, click on Save (button) to apply it. If you wish to cancel the discount, click on Remove (button)

Once discount has been applied you can seen under price field. 

B. Overall Discount

You can also give an overall discount on multiple items. Once you have added items to the basket, head to the subtotal section at the bottom. 

Click on the edit icon (pencil shaped icon) next to Discount. Now you can see a numeric field along with a drop-down menu. Select whether you want to give discount in percentage or amount from the drop-down menu and enter the value in the numeric field. 

Finally, head to Checkout.

Now on the Payment screen you can see that an overall discount of $10 has been applied to all items. 


Q. How can I apply discount to particular customer groups?
A. You can apply same discounts to each member in a customer group in RepairDesk. To know more, please click here.  

Q. Can I add discount in a ticket?
A. Certainly you can! Just head to Manage Tickets section and open a ticket for editing.
Under Device Details you can see a field for Price. Click on Discount under Price.

Now enter the amount of discount which you wish to give in the numeric field.

Finally click on Save Ticket (button) to save changes 

Q. Can I add discount to an invoice?
A. Yes! To do so, head to Manage Invoices section. Open an invoice for editing
In a line item, under Discount field, enter the amount of discount you want to give.
Once done, click on Save (button) to save changes. 

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