How to configure Customer Facing Display?

When completing a work order, it is often beneficial to capture a signature from your customer that indicates their acceptance before or after a repair is completed. Customer Facing Display is the perfect companion for RepairDesk users that allow you to streamline checkout, displays order details & save customer’s signature on a work order using a secondary tablet.

To setup display:

1. Head to Settings >> Integrations >> Customer facing Display.

2. Enter store terms & conditions for Trade In, Pre or post device repair & hit save.

3. Click on Connect

4. Now click on Generate iFrame Code, then copy the iFrame code & open given URL on customer facing tablet. 

5. On POS when you create a repair ticket or click on checkout it will display print-preview for work order with a place for your customer to sign using their finger directly on secondary tablet.

On admin end, a pop up window titled Order Confirmation will also appear displaying the message "Waiting for Customer Approval" & "Proceed Anyway".

If admin clicks on proceed anyway, it will create repair ticket without passing through the process of customer's approval. 

Meanwhile, order details will appear to customer as following: 

6. Once a signature has been entered, customer can click on Confirm which will automatically create repair ticket. 

7. A saved work order document with a signature will be accessible as a PDF file attachment against repair ticket.

8. You can download Pre-Repair & Post Repair Customer Signatures as well. Go to Manage Tickets. Select a ticket for which customer signatures have been taken. Click on Action and then click on Edit. When you'll click on Signature Tab a drop down menu opens with the options for downloading Pre-Repair & Post Repair Customer Signatures. Clicking on them will download the ticket in PDF format with Customer Signatures. 


Q. Can I use customer facing display with iPAD POS Register?
A. Yes , customer facing display can be used from iPAD POS Register, 
follow these simple steps to activate customer facing display.

1- Enable customer facing display as explained below:

2. Install RepairDesk POS Register on another iPAD, login and click on Manual Sync option.

3. Now click on Customer Facing Display to activate this feature as shown above.

4. Create a work order and click Checkout 

5. From the next screen please click on Create Ticket.

5. On admin end you will get a pop up alert where you can wait for a customer to enter their signatures, cancel the request or click on "proceed anyway"

6. At the same time, customer will have following screen displayed on customer facing iPAD where he can view order details and enter his signatures.

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