How can I enable DHRU Fusion API?

In order to enable DHRU Fusion API, you will need to get Username and API Key from DHRU'S website.
Once you have the username and API key, you are then required to enter them in the settings in order to configure Dhru API with RepairDesk.

Click "Add new vendor" to enter vendor details:

Fill in the details, click "Create" and the DHRU Vendor will be added.

Once DHRU Fusion vendor is added, you will be required to map unlocking products which you want to get processed through the DHRU the vendor.

You can Map unlocking products in Manage Inventory section.

Simply select the unlocking product which you want to map with DHRU vendor, go to update in Action dropdown and select 'Update'.

Enable the API status, select DHRU in supplier and Map product. Once done, hit 'Save item'.

Now when an unlocking order is generated on POS with DHRU supplier, it will automatically go to supplier, get processed and update the status in POS. Customer will also be notified automatically without you having to do anything.

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