Recommended Hardware

One of the many benefits of using RepairDesk is it has low hardware requirements. You just need access to Internet in order to get RepairDesk up and running.

However, you can use following hardware’s to increase the efficiency of your business.

We recommend following hardware’s for RepairDesk.

Cash Drawer

Cash drawer is one of the core and recommended hardware components for any point of sale environment. RepairDesk works with any model of receipt printer-connected cash drawer.

To c
onnect a cash drawer with receipt printer use RJ11 cable and set the receipt printer to auto trigger the cash drawer before or after print.

Barcode Scanner

You can use any USB based barcode scanner that that can read and output printed barcodes. Scan barcode to quickly add items, open repair ticket or an invoice on POS. 

Thermal Receipt Printer

Star TSP 100 and Star TSP 143 are recommended receipt printer for RepairDesk however any thermal printer (80mm paper size) will allow you to print docket receipt. Please note RepairDesk doesn't support a receipt printer with (58mm paper size)

You can also automate printing task via Google Cloud Print or Printnode so that every time you complete a transaction it automatically prints out a docket receipt. More information about Google cloud integration is available here 

Label Printer

You can use DYMO Label Writer 450 to print inventory or ticket label so a technician can scan barcode to open repair ticket.  

Settings For Dymo Label 450:
if paper size height = 1 inch and width 2.1/8 inch
Repairdesk label Setting = width 54 and height 28
Dymo Label Printer setting = 30336

If paper size height = 1.5 inch and width 3.5 inch
Repairdesk label Setting = width 88 and height 38
Dymo Label Printer setting = 30321

Signature Pad

While booking a repair job you can use Intuos CTH-480/S3-C to record customer signature. You must set the tablet settings to open signature screen in the same place each time.


You can use customer facing display widget to capture customer signature using any tablet i.e. iPAD. More information about this is available here

If you are facing issues in setting up your hardware, please get in touch via email:  

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