How to take print using Google Cloud Print and Print Node through RepairDesk iPad POS Register app?

Most of our customers are highly concerned about printing through Google Cloud Print and Print Node but they are not aware of how to do this through our iPad app. Here we have come up with a detailed article about how you can use these printers to automate printing for receipts and tickets easily from RepairDesk iPad POS Regsiter app. 

Printing through Google Cloud Print

The exciting factor about this printer is you can use it for free without paying any fee. In order to use Google Cloud Print for printing purpose, you need to first setup the printer from our website by following the instructions described in our knowledge base article here

Once you have setup the printer following the instructions, every time when you create a ticket or invoice from iPad POS Register app, an automatic command will be sent to the printer to print the receipt. 

Printing through Print Node

The major difference between Print Node and Google Cloud Print is the fee associated with each printer. To use Print Node, you have to pay just $5 while our integration with Google Cloud Print is free of charge. To setup the integration with Print Node, please follow the link here

Once the integration is enabled from web, every time when you create a ticket or invoice, the print command will automatically be sent to connected print node and receipt will be printer without any button click.

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